The New Heights Initiative 


Flying Feather Orchards is looking to develop new orchards on long-term leases to create value for landowners and boost the hazelnut industry.  If you own 10 or more acres in Yamhill County, contact us to see if you qualify for the New Heights Initiative. 


     As farms get passed down from generation to generation, new owners often have careers outside of farming.  Crops can stay the same due to a sense of familiarity or lack of information.  Many owners do not realize they can increase their earnings by planting a perennial crop.

     The New Heights Initiative increases the value of your land by planting a hazelnut orchard.  As a long-term improvement to the property, landowners could double or triple the value of their land while earning higher rents.

     This initiative is also a crop share agreement where landowners receive more rent from establishing an orchard, compared to planting another crop.

How it works...


We’ll determine if your land is suitable for hazelnuts. 


Flying Feather Orchards will prepare the land, plant trees, and cover the costs of establishing and maintaining the orchard for 15 years.


You will receive an annual payment of $150 per acre until the end of the lease. 


Trees will start producing after 5 years and Flying Feather will take crop to processor. 


At the end of the 15-year lease, you will have the option to renew your lease with Flying Feather, another operator, or start maintaining the orchard yourself. 


If you would like to see a copy of our contract please contact us.

With New Heights You Will...


- Own a mature orchard at not cost to you


- Receive annual income during the lease


- Improve your land value 

What makes good ground for hazelnuts?


- Well-drained silt- or sandy-loam soil


- Soil types including Woodburn, Amity, Chehalis, Willamette, Albiqua,

Laurelwood and Carlton 


- Fairly level ground